Luxshop4u 2017 Wardrobe Stylist Nominee

I would like to thank each and every one of you who continue to support my body of work and journey!  I grew up going to private showrooms and textile stores with The Upholstery King and my sister Pauline click the story about my Jamaican dad and his influence to fashion here on  !  Thank you for nominating me for a 2017  Boston Fashion Award in the Wardrobe Stylist Category!




I enjoy working behind the scenes and started at a very young age with my family business in Toronto, Canada.  My late sister Pauline was a fashion designer, I was the model and stylist and buyer in both of  her companies  (Terminal Design, Eubanks Design and her wedding planning).  I was afforded the opportunity to work with many artists in the Reggae, Dancehall, Hip hop, RnB scene and Music Executives.  We often volunteered our time behind the scenes supporting other fashion designers for Fashion Incub and other fashion events in Toronto.  Many years later I continue to do what I love here in Boston and worldwide working with touring Grammy Nominated artists and local fashion designers.



Working with one of my clients



2017 Boston Fashion Award Nominees for Wardrobe Stylists


Cheers to everyone working to better themselves and may God continue to richly bless us!

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