Luxury Expert Spring and Summer Perfume Must Haves by Natalie

Many of my clients know the many accolades and prestigious perfume houses and luxury brands that I worked for!  I am known for training morning meetings and mini sessions in a large setting to leading luxury stylists and executives!   I am often solicited to speak and pull my favorites items to show journalists and public relation reps who feature my favorites on television shows, magazines or wore them during galas!

I am proud to share with you my favorite scents to wear during the spring/summer months!



Impressive and complex this floral rich fragrance is listed in the floral category. Violet leafs, green apple and lemon are the notes that I continue to smell and it keeps me invigorated and feeling sophisticated!  I opt for complex fragrances like this because it matches who I am, my experience, my lifetime achievements of styling and being credited in Billboard, styling an artist/American Icon neice of the late great Nancy Wilson for the Grammys, Styling my friends who are Grammy nominated, and also I myself being rewarded for best Wardrobe Stylist, and receiving 4 proclamations for my late music icon father in law and many more lifetime achievements!  Setting a trend and influencing many families and future stylists!


Celebrating strength, Power and Success a scent that I sold to many legendary men and a few women clients of mine and one that I gifted to legendary and unpredictable friends and family members. This is a rich fruity fragrance in the fruity olfactive category.  Notes of pineapple, blackcurrant leaves and apple.


I work long days and nights and this gives me the jolt of sunshine and happiness that I need!  









Shared Summer Scent Guide

My luxury clients from my previous top  luxury employers know me for curating the best Niche must haves for them. The best first Tom Ford cigar parties in the USA and off site parties. Today I share with you my shared summer scent guide.



I was lucky to be one of the first associates to be apart of Private Blend history before Tom Ford expanded. I remember when this was packaged in the dark brown bottles.




This unisex scent goes on cool, the notes of neroli, bergamot immediately uplifts you. Notes of lavender will keep you calm. On a budget?  Opt for the Neroli Portofino in the body spray $65.00, or travel atomizer for $55.00.


Acqua Di Parma Bergamotto di Calabria Eau de Toilette Spray is available in a 2.5 oz and a 5 oz from$107-$165.00


This shared  eau de toilette is also a favorite whenever we are on vacation because we do not have to think about packing several scents.  It keeps us refreshed and relaxed  notes of authentic Calabrian bergamot enhanced by the freshness of citron.   Most of my male clients enjoy the ginger and cedar wood notes that you will find at the base of the dry down. The sillage is a bonus. Most citrus scents do not last too long the cedar wood, musk and vetiver base of Bergamotto ensures longevity.



I call this my Champagne Perfume! I love to wear it while indulging with my friends. I remember when my previous employer received it and I was one of the first people to try it on and sell it!  Pure White Cologne formerly original cologne) is in the Royal Exclusive Collection and took over 7 years to create by Master Perfumer Ollivier Creed!   Pure White Cologne clean, does not disrupt my pallet while enjoying Veuve, Moët, or Dom. Key notes are lemon, bergamot, grapefruit middle notes: galbanum, pear, petit grain. Base notes: Ambergris, white musk and rice powder.


Millésime Impérial

“Originally created for a king and fit for royalty, this sophisticated scent is famed for its golden look and befits any occasion.” Creed  Sicilian lemon, fruits, sea salt mandarine, Florentine iris, musk, woody and marine notes.



I remember when we debuted this scent in the USA! One of the first to sell it! Created by the youngest perfumer to ever win a FIFI award Francis Kurkdjian. What more can I say it is fresh and light.




Do not be fooled by the floral accords listed in the description it smells more marine fresh.


This is just a guide of my favorite shared scents for history of the brands and to make a purchase visit their websites.

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