Upholstery King


Juki Industrial Sewing Machine


If you live in the Greater Toronto Area then chances are your sofa, love seats or beds were made by my father over the past 40 years. Working in the world of luxury fashion I admire the time and skill that it takes to create beautiful merchandise. I deciced to interview my father to honor his legacy and his contribution to fashion and upholstery.

Natalie: Daddio, I always receive complements about my vast knowledge of textiles I have you and Pauline to thank.

Upholstery King: That’s great I made a lot of custom chesterfields in my life.

Natalie: How old were you when you became a tailor and what inspired you to design?

Upholstery King: Oh my goodness, when I became a tailor? I started at the age of 16. Nat, I just went to school it was something that I needed to do.

Natalie: Who taught you how to sew?

Upholstery King: I don’t remember my teachers name it was several years ago in Jamaica at a tailor school.

Natalie: Did you know that you would have a lifelong career working with fabric?

Upholstery King: No, no one thinks that way! The professionals say that careers change every 10 yrs. I couldn’t predict that I would make a career out of this.

Natalie: Why did you decide to leave tailoring and enter the world of upholstery?

Upholstery King: The Market changed and became mass produced. Factory’s took away our trade. When the market changes you have to adapt to change or you get left behind.

Natalie: How many years have you been in this industry?

Upholstery King: For over 53 years

Natalie: As young children we would have to go with you to showrooms and fabric stores that were closed to the public. I didn’t realize then what a privilege that was. Touching textiles, piping, learning about different needles to use for leather etc.

Upholstery King: I didn’t realize that you guys would learn from that! I wanted you to become something else and not a tailor I didn’t realize that you guys were watching me!

Natalie: Your very business smart and you know your worth. What’s your recipe for negotiating your price?

Upholstery King: Know the cost of what the materials are going for. Here’s an example, if the material is $20 per yard vs $5 you need to charge accordingly. It is very important to charge based on the fabric that you use. If the person doesn’t like it then bye, bye they can work with someone else I am too experienced and my time is valuable!

Natalie: Your talent speaks for itself and vendors always seek your talent for collaborations. How does it feel?

Upholstery King: I feel ok about it!

Natalie: What advice would you give young designers?

Upholstery King: Stay the course if you set your mind to something stay the course it’s a tough job but if you have the mind for it then why not!

Natalie: Dad that’s great you are going to help a lot of people with this I cannot wait to share! Congratulaions on your retirement

Upholstery King: Well that’s great I hope that you have my check!


*Photo credit Dani Blue

**Special thank you to Super K, BenjiRich, Miss Bev, Pauline and Disco

***Ken thanks for not spazzing out when I wore your clothes I was the coolest Tomboy in school because of you! I learned so much in menswear and your influence did not go unnoticed. Miss Bev thank you for teaching me everything that I know about luxury!

Nataliya Nada New York

I had the pleasure of meeting Deigner Nataliya Nada at the Liquid Art House in Boston for the Let’s Get Styled Event.  The Event was a trunk show where several designers showcased their accessories.  Nataliya instantly greeted me with her contagious smile, offered to give me a tour of the venue and then educated me about her merchandise.  Her brand offers a modern twist on the Slavic tradition of fine hand crafted knitwear.  A team of experienced knitters take anywhere from 1-2 days to create a knitted hat and up to 3 days to create a knitted scarf.  The fine cashmere is exquisite, soft and carefully handcrafted created by women who are passionate about their skill.

Nataliya is very hands on and  carefully selects the pelts of fur that she incoroparates with her accessories.  The night was young and the crowd continued to grow, delictable Hors d’Oeuvres and wine were flowing as I continued to mingle with the other vendors I recognized a familiar face it was my freind Cecil Elrod the owner of Luxe Boutiques in the Taj Hotel and Farimont Copley. Cecil sells Nataliya Nada New York Knitwear in both of his boutiques and I encourage the Luxshop4u audience to visit his store and take a look at her luxuirous knitwear to keep you warm during our cold winter months.

For a wonderful shopping experience please visit Luxe Boutiques in the Taj Boston or shop online www.NataliyaNada.com


Galina Cashmere Blend Hand Knit Infinity Scarf

With Fox Trim



Knitted Mink Scarf


Katrina Cashmere Blend Scarf with Fox Trim and Fur Flowers


Designer Nataliya Nada and Natalie from Luxshop4u

GQ Comes to Boston Event with Danny Amendola from the New England Patriots





GQ Event

GQ Event



Calvin Klein Dj Booth





Brett and Danny

Brett and Danny


GQ Stylist Brett Fahlgren and Natalie.

The night before my husband and I were guest at the Boston Pops holiday concert I was on my feet all day and night fulfilling many shopping requests. Exhausted beyond belief I found my second wind and joined my friends at the event.  Guests were treated to cocktails, appetizers, and massages from Serenity Wellness.  During the Q&A session with GQ stylist and Correspondent Brett Fahlgren Danny Amendola revealed that he was recovering from his injury and ready to get back on the field. He gave a testimonial about his Hugo Boss suits and how he easily transitions to wearing sweats and t-shirts. For information on Danny’s suit visit www.HugoBoss.com.  To receive a tranquillizing massage visit www.serenity-wellness-massage.com


Fall/Winter Fashion of 2016

Ken Downing is the Fashion Director and Senior Vice President of Neiman Marcus.  In April 2016, Boston fashion lovers were treated to sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres during Ken’s Trend Report.  Mr. Downing delivered an animated report and kept us wanting more!  Trends that were discussed for the Fall and Winter were gold clothing and accessories, Ziggy Stardust inspired metallics and stars, adorned shoes, skirts that move, top-handle bags, velvet, florals, bomber jackets, berry shades, chokers, and not your grandmothers pearls.  Below are some of  the looks that were forecasted and worn by the who’s who of fashion and entertainment during the show.



Daring Choker with Embellished Jewelry

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Satin Flats

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Satin Flats

Adorned Shoes

Adorned Flat Shoes

Layers Galore

Layers Galore

Gucci Embroidered Lace Dress

Gucci Embroidered Lace Dress

The Contrasting Fascinator

The Contrasting Fascinator

Cascading Lace

Cascading Lace

Cascading Lace

Cascading Lace

Skirts That Move

Skirts That Move

Ripe Berry Shades

Burberry Trench in the color parade red

Fall Florals

Fall Florals adorned on a headband

Kent Stetson Crown Clutch