La Musica Part 1


Two music enthusiasts talk about their love for music while Natalie from Luxshop4u plays her favorite songs from her iTunes selection.  In the past Natalie’s love for music has afforded her the opportunity to suggest her favorite 1970s songs to a Grammy nominated artist for his show.  Producer Extraordinaire Jorgie Milliano worked with several chart topping latin artist.

Billy Paul’s song Let the Dollar Circulate is playing in the background the horn and drum section sparks curiosity.

Natalie: Que Pasa mi amigo?  What is this sound that I am hearing?  This drum pattern is bananas!  Diga me, Analog vs Digital?

Jorge: Analog, the benefit of using analog is the pure sound that you hear.  There are several takes in today’s market, Music Executives want music produced rapido.  The negative side to this is that digital is pre recorded and the drum kits sound the same.  I would not recommend it.

Natalie: Ok, listen to this Foundation Roots by Patrick Kelly!  What is this echo that I am hearing?  I have heard it on many of my dads foundation 45 albums. *Foundation is a term that we use for classic older reggae music.

Jorge: It’s called dub platting analog delay.  Dub delays do not necessarily need to be on the keys or instrument, it can also be on the vocals.

We are currently listening to Funky Kingston by Toots & The Maytals

Natalie: Tell me about this guitar technique!

Jorge: The technique is Called guitar skin it is prevalent in ska music.

Natalie: Danny Woods formerly of The Chairmen of The Board and The Showmen is a Cammy awards recipient.  During his time performing over 40 years with the Chairmen of the Board they enjoyed success on the Billboard Music charts and they were also inducted to the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame.  Give me just a little more time was sampled by Kylie Minogue. On his solo album Aries the song Two can be Lonely is one of my favorite songs by him. How can we turn this into a club banger?  My husband is from Detroit and we listened to a lot of Jit music.  There is a song that samples Godzilla with the Detroit Techno I think that the beginning of the Godzilla rhythem the songs horn section would sound amazing on Two can be lonely if it is looped the right way!  What do you think?

Jorge: Nat, thats awesome!  EDM’s can be created its called sampling!  How do you even know this terminology?

Natalie: I just know what I like and it makes sense to me.

Mary J.Blige Be Happy is now playing

Natalie: Man I am obsessed with the flutes I think Chuckie Booker was on the flutes!

Jorge: You are listening to Pan flutes! Flutes can also be simulated on a keyboard.  Nat, this is great we need to do this again!

Natalie: Let’s reconvene but this time we will focus on your music!

Jorge: Let’s do it!

Jorgie Millano


Jorgie Milliano enjoying Dom Pérignon


The legendary reggae artist Pat Kelly

Legendary reggae artist Pat Kelly


Toots & The Maytals Funky Kingston

Billy Paul Let the Dollar Circulate

*Download these artists on iTunes


Danny Woods Aries Album Two Can be Lonely As One

Visit Jorgie Milliano’s website for collaborations on

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Nataliya Nada New York

I had the pleasure of meeting Deigner Nataliya Nada at the Liquid Art House in Boston for the Let’s Get Styled Event.  The Event was a trunk show where several designers showcased their accessories.  Nataliya instantly greeted me with her contagious smile, offered to give me a tour of the venue and then educated me about her merchandise.  Her brand offers a modern twist on the Slavic tradition of fine hand crafted knitwear.  A team of experienced knitters take anywhere from 1-2 days to create a knitted hat and up to 3 days to create a knitted scarf.  The fine cashmere is exquisite, soft and carefully handcrafted created by women who are passionate about their skill.

Nataliya is very hands on and  carefully selects the pelts of fur that she incoroparates with her accessories.  The night was young and the crowd continued to grow, delictable Hors d’Oeuvres and wine were flowing as I continued to mingle with the other vendors I recognized a familiar face it was my freind Cecil Elrod the owner of Luxe Boutiques in the Taj Hotel and Farimont Copley. Cecil sells Nataliya Nada New York Knitwear in both of his boutiques and I encourage the Luxshop4u audience to visit his store and take a look at her luxuirous knitwear to keep you warm during our cold winter months.

For a wonderful shopping experience please visit Luxe Boutiques in the Taj Boston or shop online


Galina Cashmere Blend Hand Knit Infinity Scarf

With Fox Trim



Knitted Mink Scarf


Katrina Cashmere Blend Scarf with Fox Trim and Fur Flowers


Designer Nataliya Nada and Natalie from Luxshop4u

Patriots Championship Parade

I was very happy to have a day off!  I went out to Celebrate the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl Li.  The crowd started dancing when someone turned on their playlist with music by The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army,” Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline,”  DJ Khaled featuring -Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg “All I do is win” .  Here is my visual diary of the celebration in Title City.

Festivities on Boylston Street


Cameron Fleming, David Andrews, Joe Thuney, Tre Jackson

Congratulations G.O.A.T Tom Brady 5 Rings

Abslutley Euphoric! Liégeois from Nespresso on NewBury Street

I had to walk swiftley to Nespresso to warm up. The Liégeois has three scoops of ice cream and one shot of espresso. This does not fit into my Maid of Honor diet but it made my day!

Thank you for the hospitality Andrew from Flemings. Sliced Filet Mignon with shiitake risotto, chili oil and porcini butter drizzle

Fleming’s Prime Burger with Wisconsin cheder cheese peppered bacon and shoe string french fries.

After eating like a champ I washed it all down with a Passion Fruit Margarita. Thanks for your hospitality Andrew my bartender in Fleming’s. Please ask for Andrew at the bar he’s amazing!

Below is my personal video of Tom Brady during the Championship Parade before I was shoved by spectators to get their own footage. *Not the best footage but Im still learning how attach videos to my post.

Cocktails with Sergio Super Bowl Weekend

Cocktails with Sergio Super Bowl Weekend

I am lucky to have Sergio from the Lenox Hotel City Table join me again for Cocktails with Sergio. *Check out my New Year’s Eve Post for our previous Q and A.

Natalie: Sergio you received comments all the way form Canada since our last post, how does it feel?

Sergio: It feels great! I love the industry I work in and I’m glad others enjoy hearing about my experience.

Natalie: Were you lucky enough to get any AFC Patriots gear? Or are you waiting for us to win the Championship?

Sergio: I am all stocked up with Patriots gear!

Natalie: You have a busy week ahead of you with the Super Bowl approaching! What are some fan favorites at the bar during this busy weekend?

Sergio: Lots of bubbles! Everyone is getting ready for the big game on Sunday and celebrations are a must.

Natalie: I always wondered what the beer to cocktail ratio was during the Super Bowl?

Sergio: Like I said the last time, the diversity is definitely my favorite part about my job and our location in Back Bay. Each customer is different therefore I receive unique requests.

Natalie: Do you find that the menu choices for your regulars change? Do some people eat more bar food than entrees during the game?

Sergio: Definitely more bar food, everyone wants a little bit of everything so they usually share.

Natalie: What was the inspiration behind this cocktail that you created?

Sergio: I created the Mamacita Margarita that contains mango and spiced tequila. I love for my creations to reflect the passion that I have for my culture.

Natalie: What would you would you pair this with?

Sergio: I would recommend the Surf and Turf tacos they are small and compliment the Mamacita Margarita.

Natalie: It’s always a great time hanging out with you!

Sergio: Of course Natalie! Thank you, I had a great time.

Mamacita Margarita


Surf and Turf Tacos

Surf and Turf Tacos

Visit Sergio Monday to Friday from 5 pm until closing.

Life after Reality TV

Shawn Knights The Preview

Shawn Knights

Shawn Knights


Shawn Knights

Shawn Knights

Shawn Knights is a cast member on Bravo TV’s hit series Chef Roble and Co. Shawn entertained the viewers and guests with his colorful character.

Natalie: Shawn, it has been forever! I am overjoyed that we are finally hanging out! What took us this long?

Shawn: I was so busy working two full time jobs, I barely had any time for myself.

Natalie: How is it possible that someone with a larger than life personality remains so quiet in the City of Boston?

Shawn: To be honest with you, people have always told me that my personality is larger than life even when I am introverted. I can have friends waiting for me inside of a restaurant walk in and for some reason people assume that I am a celebrity or someone of status. For a time it made me very uncomfortable, however I learned how to make it work for me now!

Natalie: It is a compliment, you were on the Chef Roble show on Bravo TV and you know how to make a grand entrance. My Tom Ford clients loved when I booked you to cater my events in Neiman Marcus Boston for my annual Lips and Boys Parties. Thank you for making yourself available for the first ever Lips and Boys Party in Boston! We made makeup history together! Until this day I still have clients that visit me and ask about the parties that occurred in 2013, 2014, and future parties. What is your secret to leaving an unforgettable lasting impression?

Shawn: There is no secret it’s really being authentic to who you really are as a human being and learning how to balance the scales when dealing with the public.

Natalie: You speak so fondly of NYC, what brought you here to Boston?

Shawn: I moved to Boston to take care of my mother but I miss New York dearly!

Natalie: What restaurants and nightlife venues do you like to frequent in New York City?

Shawn: This question has so many answers. I am not really fond of huge restaurants, I love small intimate places that focus on simple but complex food.

Natalie: Starring on the Chef Roble show on Bravo TV did you have any trepidations?

Shawn: None at all.

Natalie: What goes into starring on a reality television show?

Shawn: Reality shows are very complex and have several layers.

Natalie: When will you make your grand return to reality tv?

Shawn: Only the universe knows the answer. I really enjoyed the time that I had as a cast member on Bravo TV.

Natalie: Let’s talk about fashion! How would you describe your style?

Shawn: My style is very European with a little dash of urban flare.

Natalie: Who’s your favorite designer?

Shawn: Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, who I had the extreme pleasure of meeting many years ago at his store on Madison Ave. Ted Baker, Canali, Paul Smith. All of the for many different reasons.

Natalie: When will we see you on television again?

Shawn: I will be back one day, I have been talking to one of my other Cast-mates about it.

Natalie: How can your fans get in touch with you?

Shawn: Shawn_Knights on twitter and Instagram.

Visit to watch Shawn Knights charm the camera on Chef Roble and Co.




Pre New Years Cocktail with Sergio

Sergios Drink

Veuve Clicquot


Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon

sergio drink

Veuve Clicquot, St. Germain, Mathilde De Pera




Move over Sam!  Here comes Sergio!  There is no doubt that when you are in the company of Sergio that you will immediately think of Sam from the hit series Cheers!  Sergio remembers your name, face, your favorite cocktail, and how you like your filet mignon prepared!

N: How long have you been bartending?
S: I’ve been in the industry for 10 years

N: What’s your drink of choice?
S: Dirty Martinis.

N: It’s the holiday season what is your fav holiday drink?
S: Boy its cold out there, therefore I love my hot cider I mix it rum and bourbon it’s always my go to.

N: The ingredient that you love to work with?
S: St Germain (elder flower liquor).

N: What’s your secret to having a full bar?
S: Smile, always be happy, and tend to the bar with a good attitude.

N: Your most popular drink is?
S: Our signature pear martini!

N: Your favorite thing about working in a luxury bar?
S: The diversity!

N: What are you creating for me today?
S: Vueve Clicqout with a touch of St. Germain and a splash of Mathilde de pera.

N: Your best practice?
S: Smiling!

N: The most difficult drink to perfect was?
S: Vesper and an old fashion

N: Key to keeping clients happy?
S: Once again smiling makes everything better.

To enjoy cocktails by Sergio go to the Lenox Hotel 61 Exeter St, Boston, Massachusetts 02116 from Monday-Friday 5 PM until close.

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