Cocktails with Sergio Super Bowl Weekend

Cocktails with Sergio Super Bowl Weekend

I am lucky to have Sergio from the Lenox Hotel City Table join me again for Cocktails with Sergio. *Check out my New Year’s Eve Post for our previous Q and A.

Natalie: Sergio you received comments all the way form Canada since our last post, how does it feel?

Sergio: It feels great! I love the industry I work in and I’m glad others enjoy hearing about my experience.

Natalie: Were you lucky enough to get any AFC Patriots gear? Or are you waiting for us to win the Championship?

Sergio: I am all stocked up with Patriots gear!

Natalie: You have a busy week ahead of you with the Super Bowl approaching! What are some fan favorites at the bar during this busy weekend?

Sergio: Lots of bubbles! Everyone is getting ready for the big game on Sunday and celebrations are a must.

Natalie: I always wondered what the beer to cocktail ratio was during the Super Bowl?

Sergio: Like I said the last time, the diversity is definitely my favorite part about my job and our location in Back Bay. Each customer is different therefore I receive unique requests.

Natalie: Do you find that the menu choices for your regulars change? Do some people eat more bar food than entrees during the game?

Sergio: Definitely more bar food, everyone wants a little bit of everything so they usually share.

Natalie: What was the inspiration behind this cocktail that you created?

Sergio: I created the Mamacita Margarita that contains mango and spiced tequila. I love for my creations to reflect the passion that I have for my culture.

Natalie: What would you would you pair this with?

Sergio: I would recommend the Surf and Turf tacos they are small and compliment the Mamacita Margarita.

Natalie: It’s always a great time hanging out with you!

Sergio: Of course Natalie! Thank you, I had a great time.

Mamacita Margarita


Surf and Turf Tacos

Surf and Turf Tacos

Visit Sergio Monday to Friday from 5 pm until closing.

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