DJ Brekone


It was a long day I was on the phone strategizing with Elaine, Corey and Kim Woods about how part 2 of my soul icon Q and A will go down!  BenjiRich (Luxshop4u website designer & graphic designer) told me that this product launch was major in Toronto and that I needed to attend.  Upon arrival security was outside to check ID, after entering Concepts the guests entertained by DJ Brekone.




“The Adidas Z.N.E hoodie was created to bring premium comfort to athletes before competition.”   Krista from Concepts



The Adidas TSA Experience



Customizing Station





Prosecco and Neon Sneakers





Concepts x Canada Goose MacMillan Parka


This Concepts and Canada Goose MacMillan Parka is only available in the Canada Goose store and also the Concepts boutique!

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