Irina Gorbman Catwalk for The Cure

I am so excited to announce that Irina Gorbman will be participating in Catwalk For The Cure on Friday, March 9th, at the Boston Design and Innovation Center.

Irina Gorbman is an abstract artist and a designer for fashion and decor.  Irina’s art draws inspiration from Zen philosophy and Buddhist teachings, aspiring to cultivate vitality and harmony within ourselves and with the world.

IGModa is Irina’s clothing brand, where her original expressionistic art is transformed into wearable art. Art That Heals™ concept is the focal point of the brand. Irina’s carefully designed, limited-edition pieces feature eye-catching patterns, vibrant colors and abstract brushstrokes. IGModa’s latest clothing line is designed to appeal to professional and amateur athletes, dancers and leisure wearers alike. The active wear collection includes leggings and tops, that can be combined into a myriad of different combinations to allow for maximum customization and seamless transition from workouts to everyday life. IGMode clothing strives to deliver to its wearers physical comfort and inner balance.  In addition, all pieces are ethically made using eco-friendly polyester and spandex fabrics.

Irina Gorbman’s art, fashion and decor collections have been featured at Architectural Digest Design Shows in New York City, Boston Home Decor Show, Boston Fashion Week and various exhibitions and fundraising events.

Irina lives outside of Boston. When not in her art studio, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, exploring local woods with her German Shepard, and recharging with yoga and meditation.

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