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Photographer Kassandra Tomlinson

Kassandra Tomlinson is a premier photographer in the Toronto  Fashion and Entertainment scene. I am very lucky to have her share photography tips for new bloggers on Luxshop4u

Natalie: Congratulations on your success!

Kassandra: Thank you!  It has been a journey but I do not consider myself successful just yet. I enjoy working towards my goals and excited to see the outcome. 



Natalie: Kassie, I would like to start off by telling you how proud I am of you! I watched you grow into a beautiful and talented photographer!

Kassandra: Awe, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. It’s especially great when people I’ve known from birth can see my growth. Congratulations on your success, I see you are killing the fashion!

Natalie: Thank you!  It was pretty exciting to win the Wardrobe Stylist Award for the Boston 2017 Fashion Awards.  All those years of walking the walk and talking the talk paid off!
Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best photographer!  What’s the key to taking great photos?  Richard is always yelling via text message for me to wipe my lens!

Kassandra:  Hmmm?  If you are talking about a good selfie it’s honestly all about intentions and what you want to say to the viewer.  To have a well lit photograph just make sure you have sufficient light especially with phone photos.  Know your angles! Its always a good idea to practice at anything you do so you can become camera ready at any moment.  When I take portraits I have to quickly access another persons personality and their angles so I can capture their best self. Most importantly just have fun and make sure objects are in focus.  lol


The Metamorphosis Series, was a painful selfie! Kassandra was running back and forth to press the shutter and then pose!


Natalie: How did you get into photography?

Kassandra:  I’ve always been influenced by the arts starting out mostly in dance and drawing. My mother studied fashion design so she was a big influence in my love for art. Growing up my family loved taking photographs and every event would be documented.  I dived more into it in high school when my uncle would shoot video and he would make me shoot behind the scenes. I was good at it so I stuck with it and started to learn and practice everything I can about photography. 

Natalie: What’s the correct way for someone to find their light?

Kassandra: When in doubt think of the light as the sun.  For the most part to the side and up will give you good lighting. 






Natalie: During New York Fashion Week 2018 Fall/Winter many bloggers will be out taking photos during the shows.  What tips can you recommend for capturing the perfect visual?

Kassandra: Theres so much visually stimulating fashion and backdrops during fashion week that I would suggest trying to find a balance between everything.  Aim for lots of color and arrange objects so it’s not a clutter.  Don’t be scared to experiment and have fun while capturing!

Natalie: What’s your go to look  to wear on set?

Kassandra: Hahaha, I always like to be comfortable.  Jeans and a tee are my go to when I’m shooting.  Theres a lot of bending and weird positions I get myself into while shooting, so its best to wear things that stretch and has good circulation. 

Natalie: Are you receiving a lot of Bookings for Christmas?

Kassandra: I took a bit of a break this Christmas.  I used my time to catch up on some retouching and working on some personal projects. 

Natalie: For photo shoots what colors do you recommend for backdrops?

Kassandra: It all depends on the mood. You can never go wrong with the basic shades white, grey and black.  I love to experiment and olive green and canary yellow are on my shot list these days. 



NYC candid photo of a woman walking down the subway staircase


A poster in Brooklyn



Natalie: How do you coach someone to create the right shot?

Kassandra: People are more comfortable when they are treated like a friend.  If I have time on sets while models are doing their hair and make-up I try and get to know them a bit.  This helps especially for new models, so that way when its time to shoot they develop a comfort level and it gives me a chance to see their character a little.  It’s important to let them know there is now wrong pose. That awkward move might be something great on camera, and it makes them open up some more when they can laugh at themselves. 

Natalie: What’s a reasonable price that you advise photographers to charge bloggers?

Kassandra: I can’t suggest a price but I do know communication is key for business relationships.  Everyone needs to know their worth and be paid reasonably and fairly.  Negotiate prices and working something out so that way everyone is good with the outcome. 


Vacation in Cuba


Natalie: Any recommendations on how to select a photographer?

Kassandra: Do your research and look at their portfolio.  If you feel their style matches you then reach out to them and see if it’s a good fit.  Don’t just grab the first person because you think its a cheaper price. I have had a lot of people do that and then come to me because they were unhappy with the photos they received from somewhere else. 

Natalie: I am thankful to have you share your wealth of knowledge with the Luxshop4u community.  Let fashion and creative lovers everywhere know how they can book you for Fashion  show’s, music album photos shoots, etc.

Kassandra: Thank you for having me!  I can be reached by email : tomlinson.kassandra@gmail.com  IG : kass.wt  website : www.kassandrat.com


Much love to the Tomlinson Family Happy Holidays

From Natalie for Luxshop4u Wardrobe Stylist 2017


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