Luxury Expert Spring and Summer Perfume Must Haves by Natalie

Many of my clients know the many accolades and prestigious perfume houses and luxury brands that I worked for!  I am known for training morning meetings and mini sessions in a large setting to leading luxury stylists and executives!   I am often solicited to speak and pull my favorites items to show journalists and public relation reps who feature my favorites on television shows, magazines or wore them during galas!

I am proud to share with you my favorite scents to wear during the spring/summer months!



Impressive and complex this floral rich fragrance is listed in the floral category. Violet leafs, green apple and lemon are the notes that I continue to smell and it keeps me invigorated and feeling sophisticated!  I opt for complex fragrances like this because it matches who I am, my experience, my lifetime achievements of styling and being credited in Billboard, styling an artist/American Icon neice of the late great Nancy Wilson for the Grammys, Styling my friends who are Grammy nominated, and also I myself being rewarded for best Wardrobe Stylist, and receiving 4 proclamations for my late music icon father in law and many more lifetime achievements!  Setting a trend and influencing many families and future stylists!


Celebrating strength, Power and Success a scent that I sold to many legendary men and a few women clients of mine and one that I gifted to legendary and unpredictable friends and family members. This is a rich fruity fragrance in the fruity olfactive category.  Notes of pineapple, blackcurrant leaves and apple.


I work long days and nights and this gives me the jolt of sunshine and happiness that I need!  









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