My Vacation in Jamaica

After a busy week of freelance work for my Luxhshop4u Styling service, Promotion for Music artists and hosting the Back Bay Bra Run sponsored by Puma I was off jet setting in Toronto and Jamaica to visit my family!  I am of Jamaican heritage both of my parents are from Clarendon.  I previously shared with you my father’s tailoring career in Kingston Jamaica and my mom who use to work in a bakery in Kingston!  I grew up listening to stories of Port Royal, Lovers Leap, Tivoli Garden, Mt. Airy (My dad was born there) and Silent Hill ( mommy’s place of birth)!  It was so good to spend time in the land off my parents birth during Jamaica’s Independence, we stayed in the country with family instead of a resort, my phone was off due to not having any wifi service!

Please enjoy!

We arrived on August 3rd, 3 days before Independence.  On Monday August 6th Jamaica celebrated  it’s 56th anniversary.  We spent the day eating, laughing and watching my mom and her sister dance to the ska music that was aired on TVJ’s Independence documentary.  My mom often reminisces about her childhood days!  She was not allowed to go out to parties but, she somehow managed to get to one particular Ska dance party that got her into a lot of trouble when she got back home!

Views from my moms childhood home!


We drove miles for to enjoy the ocean view and to select the fresh catch!

My outfit was very simple!  I needed a robe to protect my skin I receive a terrible reaction when I am in the sun too long!  I didn’t shop for this vacation I decided to wear what I owned!


My mom ordered Steamed Fish and Okra and I had the jerk lobster tails!



Fisherman provide fresh seafood daily for the Little Ochie restaurant.



The next day we drove from Clarendon to a Beach in Ocho Rios.



Driving around Christiana and saw this promotional vehicle promoting dances!  When I was in Farren I also saw a medical promotional vehicle!  Great marketing idea!


I forgot which aunt or uncle provided this Jack Fruit that grew on their land!


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