Where You From? Mr. Phillips featuring Joe Iiimpala

Where You From?


Mr. Phillips photo via Bless Enterprise


While visiting family in Toronto I received a message from Mr Phillips in Miami Mr. Philips .  Mr. Phillips sent me on a quest to meet an artist named Joe Iiimpala who sings the vocals on his unreleased song called “Where You From”.
I caught up with Joe Iiimpala at the Dave and Busters in Vaughan, Ontario.



“We meet in the Lobby of a Studio in Los Angeles while we were Both recording in Different Rooms of the Facility.  April, 2016, in LA”  Mr. Phillips



Artist, Song Writer and Music Producer Joe Iiimpala creates rock, dancehall, reggaeton and house music.

Upon meeting Joe Iiimpala, I let him know that I was told by reggaeton song writer, artist and music producer Mr. Phillips that there’s an artist in Toronto that I needed to meet and that Phillips spoke highly of him.

When asked how he met meet Mr.Phillips?  His response was:

“I was working on my own EP and  ” Where You From” is a record that I had  in mind to add to it.  Phillips and I  would have conversations about making a record together and that was the song.  I made the beat, wrote the words and sent “Where You From ”  to Mr. Phillips.  Phillips really liked it and I originally had him as a feature but it kind of flipped I told him that I wanted him to use it for his new album Spanglish King!  I am singing on the vocals and once I have my Ep ready, I will ask Mr.Phillips to make a guest appearance on it. The energy that we both have is great, we flow off of each other!  The song has an Afro Beat, with Reggaeton, Hip Hop and R&B to give it a stir a nice whip as if I was cooking food by throwing in spices to have a commercial sound.” Joe Iiimpala 

La Musica Part 2 El Tiempo Es Ahora Jorge Milliano

Reggeaton’s new rising star

El Tiempo Es Ahora (the time is now) is an encouraging reminder that Jorge and I say to each other to level up in our careers. Jorge produced your favorite songs that you are currently dancing to like Palitos by Tego Calderon, Ámame O Mátame remix by Ivy Queen featuring Don Omar! Jorge Milliano is an international music producer/song writer that is based in Boston. He spent many years paying his dues in the music industry.  I am confident that he will receive accolades in the near future.

Jorge like most of my friends in the Music/Entertainment Industry learned how to play instruments in the church, specifically percussions.  He is known for his star studded collaborations and despite his success Jorge is very humble.  He is eager to make an impact in the world.  No talking, texting, or hanging out to have cocktails is the code that he lives by.  The succesful producer is too focused on securing the bag and attending business meetings with the worlds finest music engineers, artists, and Ceo’s.

Since our last sit down on La Musica part 1, Jorge Milliano and the Milliano Music Group traveled to Bogotá, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Miami, for video shoots and music productions.  In May,  he gave me the heads up that he was going to produce a Remix to Ivy Queen’s Ámame O Mátame featuring Don Omar.  We had a conversation of how he was going to approach the track by tying in Rockers from the past and fusing it in with current rhythms. I am hoping that this remix will be available on itunes soon, in the mean time please visit Ivy Queen and Jorge Milliano’s instagram page to hear the track!  Also be sure to check out Tego Calderon’s new music & video titled Palitos  that was produced by Jorge Milliano.

A message from Jorge

I am excited to announce that while I do not have a  current date available for my CD compilation, I’m in the process of getting the mastered release soon.  I am also working on a six track EP based off of Vertigo (Genre for the EP is Moombahton)

Check out a few of the published music and artist who Jorge has worked with thus far.

Nací Para Amartè  featuring Jowell & Randy  was produced last year, please visit Ivy Queen’s Instagram page to listen to her new remix of Ámame O Mátame featuring Don Omar was also produced by Jorge Milliano.


I Need You Baby by De La Ghetto


Palitos by Tego Calderón Featuring Choco, BowDozen & Jungle


Ultima Vez – Pinto Picasso


Guelo Star Featuring Trebol El Artista


Tu no Eres Lider by Pimpchito


Kevin Lyttle and Mya remix of Bum Bum

Click the link below to see how we started La Musica!

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*Side note

I learned about Tego Calderon and Rude Gyal Ivy Queen from my older brother Super K many years ago when I lived in Toronto, it’s amazing how life comes full circle!  Tego is one of Ken’s favorite reggeaton artist and Ivy Queen is my favorite,  her music is hotta than 21 Peppa seed (Habanero)!