New Music Exclusive with Mr.Phillips

Trinidadian/Puerto Rican artist, song writer and music producer Mr.Phillips and Cuban American music producer Jorge Milliano team up for this island inspired track just in time for your summer parties!

Raised in Santurce Puerto Rico to a Puerto Rican mother and Trinidadian father, Alvin better known as Mr.Phillips’ melodic yet raspy voice captured the hearts of millions with his “Spatoanglish” fusion of Jamaican patois and Spanish in his lyrics.  Known for working with Francisco Saldaña (Luny) from Luny Tunes allowed his work to be featured on a cd compilation called Mas Flow2 with Franki J for the hit song Obsession (No Es Amore).  Chart topping artists that received Mr. Phillips magic touch are Angel López, Alexis Y Fido, Mr. Vegas, Dmanti, Notch, Baby Ranks, Cobra, Jay Sean, Tito El Bambino, Tony Dize, Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar, El Rookie, Cynthia Antigua, Eddy Lover, Flex, Kevin Little, Yaga and Mackie.  Mega producers who worked with Mr.Phillips are Nely “El Arma Secreta,” Tainy, Nesty, Bones, Eliel, Luny Tunes, Predikador, Rishi Rishand and Jorge Milliano.


Natalie: What was the creative process like for this song?


“I made this music in my living room but, I don’t know if it will sound appealing enough!”  (It’s true Luxshop4u had the exclusive of receiving video messages of the process on my phone that included 2 am cooking sessions with coquitos and back to making music!)  “Everyone was making music with this substance and that flavor, but not making people dance worldwide you know?  I felt like I wanted to bring my own flavor and to make people dance!  We had an organic approach, Jorge and I had nothing to start with so, we started it from scratch!  We wanted to bring it back to afro music and implement and fuse dancehall and bring it to where reggeaton has become in the here and now!  Jamaican, reggaeton, Trinidadian etc, lets fuse it put it in the blender and, see what came out and Whine Up Yuh Bumpah was born out of many things it was needed especially in the latin market everyone is into gangster, trap music from a latin aspect we wanted to bring something else to the table!”

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Jorge Milliano and Alvin Phillips Trophy Season

Trophy Season Miami Edition

Quite storms and cumulus clouds are clearing up!  The sunshine, smiles, trophies and champagne celebrations are about to be seen all around the globe! Miami get ready!  Official Mr.Phillips and Jorge Milliano are about to flood your airways this summer!


Jorge and Kevin Lyttle





Whyne Up Yuh Bumpah by Mr.Phillips produced by Jorge Milliano coming soon!


Music Producer, song writer and artist Mr. Phillips relaxing before promos for Spanglish King start with the single Whyne Up Yuh Bumpah!


I would personally like to thank my brothers for keeping me in the loop from the beginning until the end of their upcoming projects! Late and early morning whats apps with new songs, strategies and questions.