Travelling Without Moving

What can I say?  I live a very busy life and I am always around creative experts.  Friday was no exception.  I joined my friend Hiroshi and a group of his friends at the Sowa Market in Boston. We visited several art studios and had the privilage of meeting the artists.


I bought this vintage American Tourister hat case and I carried it as if it was the most luxurious purse that money could buy.  I used my iphone 6 to take the picture and later changed the color to appear more vintage.  In this photo I am wearing my Stuart Weitzman over the thigh boots, fishnet stockings from Primark, hoop earrings from Poland, sweater and tank top from Forever 21.

The lining is in excellent condition, and at if you look closely I have a secret compartment.

The clasps are also in excellent condition, by the end of the night I had over five people who wanted to buy one.  Please tag me once you purchase one and let the merchant know that you were inspired by my blog.

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    • Natalie
      Natalie says:

      Thank you, the Sowa market is full of life and creative energy. I think that I will post some of my past travel once I receive an ok from my V.I.P’s


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