André Leon Talley’s Chiffon Trenches is a must read!  

It was premiere week of The Gospel According to André and I was in New York City on a break before a photoshoot for a music video.  

Filmmaker Kate Novak  did an absolutely wonderful service to the fashion world by creating this must-see film for all fashion experts and enthusiasts to see and learn from.   

André’s accomplishments to fashion merit a celebratory night, awards and any other commemoration! 

 André Leon Talley’s new memoir The Chiffon Trenches has everyone in fashion fascinated and on the edge of our seats!  He speaks of his friend Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour from Vogue Magazine.  The book was supposed to be released in Fall 2020 the books publication is now expedited to May, 19, 2020.   This is destined to be a best seller.

The fashion icons hope is to “Astonish all readers”  ALT

The Chiffon Trenches honestly and candidly captures fifty sublime years of fashion.”—Manolo Blahnik

Me and Fashion King André Leon Talleu at The Graduate Hotel In Providence Rhode Island

The Chiffon Trenches can be pre ordered from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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