Busy But My Bills Paid

CNOTES Rocking the crowd.

I am very selective with who I use this platform for, but the conversation that I had with this young star made me actually listen to his music!  His song Busy But My Bills Paid peaked my interest when I saw several people making youtube videos rapping along to it!  I also relate to this song as I work a full-time job, I collaborate with other creatives and internationally promoted  a few tours for my Luxshop4u community members one of whom I styled for.

Natalie:  What caught my ear was your use of words! Busy But My Bills Paid represents many of my fellow creatives and I who work around the clock!

CNOTES:  Yea, when I wrote busy but my bills paid, I already knew it related to everyone!  The single mother, the nine to fivers the hustlers, the women who own their own businesses and each one of us who know they have responsibilities and having our bills paid are always on top of the list!

Natalie:  When I spoke to you earlier in the week you mentioned the Crab in a barrel syndrome!

CNOTES:  Yea especially out here in NY we don’t collaborate much down here! Look at  Atlanta, even the producers are making beats together.   So when u say crab in the barrel if u ever see them in a barrel they are all pulling each other down so the other can get to the top.  That’s what I meant.

Natalie:  How did you get a viral Busy But My Bills Paid challenge going?  That’s a great marketing tool!

CNOTES:  Again the song is undeniable so I just figured it would  be a cool idea for people to really join in on this I wanted to see who is busy and who’s bills were paid.  Lol,  I appreciate everyone who’s joining in on the fun.

CNOTES  filming for the BET Cypher

Natalie:  “Close mouths don’t get fed, that”what mom’s said” What else did she teach you that stands out?

CNOTES:  That’s exactly what she taught me to stand out, lol.  I get so much from my mom and grandma who’s no longer with me in the physical.  I mean even down to my swag my cadence.   I miss them man!

Natalie:  My condolences for your loss!  Aside from them most likely being your number one fan who else would you say is your number one fan?

CNOTES:  I believe I’m my number one fan and worst critic at the same time.  Sometimes I rewind a song I did and I be like damn are they not hearing what I said! Lol

Natalie:  Congratulations on shooting your Bet freestyle last week Friday!   Do you have a team that connects you with media outlets or do you contact them?

CNOTES:  Yea another marketing tool, my team and I thought of you know!  I just network, if I see something that looks authentic and interesting then I inquire, but if it’s not gonna push my career or push the culture I won’t bother.  “Busy But My Bills Paid is a hit record but it’s more to get you moving than me just showing you how lyrical I am.  So I just wanted to give them bars on this freestyle, shout out to all of the legends that I named.

Natalie:  What’s your favorite spot in Brooklyn?

CNOTES:  Uhhh, too many to name  and a few I can’t name gotta keep ’em low lol.  But for the recently it’s been the Barclay center I still be excited like there’s really a stadium in Brooklyn!

Natalie:  Do you think that you would ever partner with a Brooklyn Legend like Lil Cease, Lil Kim, Fabulous for a “Busy But My Bills Paid Remix?”

CNOTES:  All bets are on the table!  I just want us to unite and help each other, follow BIG’s advice and keep Brooklyn moving.

Natalie: Any plans to somehow perform during The Do Over outdoor party on October 1st in Brooklyn?

CNOTES:  Yea that would be great, sign me up!  Lol, if it’s BROOKLYN it’s me

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Guest contributer Alec Tavares



When I meet taste makers who share the same interest as myself I like to share their talent! I am excited to introduce Alec Tavares. Alec is a freelance marketer and writer who currently works with The Compound. The Compound is a creative agency that helps creative individuals and companies execute their projects. Take a look at what Alec and The Compound allowed me to share with the Luxshop4u community!


Bringing together the art and hip-hop world in co-creative fashion, The Compound has once again, pushed the culture forward!

6/1/2017  Concepts provided the setting for a celebration for the release of Compound x Ron English x Made by Monsters Final Edition Charlie Grin.  The Hip Hop culture came out to be a part of history.

Lenny Santiago from Roc Nation wearing denim.



The toy release was hosted by Lenny S. from Roc Nation and YS warmed up the crowd for DJ Enuff who provided the soundtrack for the evening.


Dj Enuff


Alec Tavares pictured here on the left. Alec use to blog for XXL Magazine.


Sheek Louch, DJ Enuff




The final edition of Charlie Grin has opened new doors and welcomed new fans, bringing out avid toy collectors and hip hop fans.  This final Charlie Grin is a more than just a collector’s toy; it is a piece of history for the culture, and beginning of a new trend for Hip Hop.




With such high demand for this historical piece bridging modern art and Hip Hop, you cannot help but wonder what’s next-but be certain; there will be a next! Stay tuned, The Compound is just getting started!


I would like to thank The Compound blog for sharing this fun event with us! Thank you Alec Tavares for covering this story and thank you to photographers Deuce Pearsall @go2deuce, Oluwaseye Olusa, Antwon Walker and Jimmy Giambrone.

Life after Reality TV

Shawn Knights The Preview

Shawn Knights

Shawn Knights


Shawn Knights

Shawn Knights

Shawn Knights is a cast member on Bravo TV’s hit series Chef Roble and Co. Shawn entertained the viewers and guests with his colorful character.

Natalie: Shawn, it has been forever! I am overjoyed that we are finally hanging out! What took us this long?

Shawn: I was so busy working two full time jobs, I barely had any time for myself.

Natalie: How is it possible that someone with a larger than life personality remains so quiet in the City of Boston?

Shawn: To be honest with you, people have always told me that my personality is larger than life even when I am introverted. I can have friends waiting for me inside of a restaurant walk in and for some reason people assume that I am a celebrity or someone of status. For a time it made me very uncomfortable, however I learned how to make it work for me now!

Natalie: It is a compliment, you were on the Chef Roble show on Bravo TV and you know how to make a grand entrance. My Tom Ford clients loved when I booked you to cater my events in Neiman Marcus Boston for my annual Lips and Boys Parties. Thank you for making yourself available for the first ever Lips and Boys Party in Boston! We made makeup history together! Until this day I still have clients that visit me and ask about the parties that occurred in 2013, 2014, and future parties. What is your secret to leaving an unforgettable lasting impression?

Shawn: There is no secret it’s really being authentic to who you really are as a human being and learning how to balance the scales when dealing with the public.

Natalie: You speak so fondly of NYC, what brought you here to Boston?

Shawn: I moved to Boston to take care of my mother but I miss New York dearly!

Natalie: What restaurants and nightlife venues do you like to frequent in New York City?

Shawn: This question has so many answers. I am not really fond of huge restaurants, I love small intimate places that focus on simple but complex food.

Natalie: Starring on the Chef Roble show on Bravo TV did you have any trepidations?

Shawn: None at all.

Natalie: What goes into starring on a reality television show?

Shawn: Reality shows are very complex and have several layers.

Natalie: When will you make your grand return to reality tv?

Shawn: Only the universe knows the answer. I really enjoyed the time that I had as a cast member on Bravo TV.

Natalie: Let’s talk about fashion! How would you describe your style?

Shawn: My style is very European with a little dash of urban flare.

Natalie: Who’s your favorite designer?

Shawn: Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, who I had the extreme pleasure of meeting many years ago at his store on Madison Ave. Ted Baker, Canali, Paul Smith. All of the for many different reasons.

Natalie: When will we see you on television again?

Shawn: I will be back one day, I have been talking to one of my other Cast-mates about it.

Natalie: How can your fans get in touch with you?

Shawn: Shawn_Knights on twitter and Instagram.

Visit to watch Shawn Knights charm the camera on Chef Roble and Co.