Jumpman getting ready for ramp action.

Action packed movies are not complete without brave stunt actors!  It’s a pleasure to introduce Sag Aftra Performer/Actor Bryan McCoy!

Natalie:  Bryan, my hats off to you and every stunt actor out there!  How old were you when you decided to become a stunt actor?  I read somewhere that you liked to burn out tires when you were younger!

Bryan: Yeah, while in high school I had a fast car.  I used to go through tires quite often.  My Dad told me I’m not gonna make any money burning tires.

My first car gig I got I gave my Dad a call and told him I just made money burning tires.  We laughed about it.

Natalie: How many years of training did it take before you become a stunt actor?

Bryan: I’ve technically been training my whole life for this, but never knew it.  There are skills growing up that give you  advantages in the stunt world.  I moved to L.A when I was 19 years old.

I had no clue and no connections.  I am the first generation of my family to enter the film business.  I took a few fin classes such as New York Film Academy and Stella Adler, while doing background movies to survive.  I did three years of background work to get my SAG card. I am very proud to be where I am today!

Natalie: What was the wildest stunt that you ever performed?

Bryan: I would say ramping a car 6 1/2 feet high and cleared a distance of 76 ft, but there have been plenty of risks like fire burns, high falls and so on.


Bryan McCoy living out his dreams. These burnt tires are very significant to his journey!

Bryan and Rick Seaman

Natalie: I’m pretty sure that injuries do occur, with that being said what does the healing process entail?

Bryan:  I have been very fortunate, sore and a tiny burn. Nothing major. I have had more injuries in everyday life.

Natalie: Is there a perfect way to create donuts, high-speed turns on the highway? Do you ever choke when you smoke out a car?

Bryan: Yeah there are several techniques that I have learned.  I have had some very good mentors, such as Rick Seaman, Harry Wowchuk, Jim Wilkey and Naoki Kobayashi.

These guys are some of the best drivers in the business.

Never choked on smoke, the hood and the helmet help.

Natalie: Where do you get your drive from to continue to create?

Bryan: This has been a dream of mine since I was a little boy.  So gaining success make me push harder everyday.

Natalie: Music of choice to get you amped?

Bryan: Eminem is my choice.

Natalie: A question from Kenroy in Toronto during T.I.F.F (Toronto International Film Festival) is what techniques do you do to practice?

Bryan: Precision sliding, drifting, rigging, fire, guns, horses, falls and reactions, is what I focus on.

Natalie: When you are not on set what is your favorite outfit to wear?

Bryan: Sweat pants, a t-shirt and a baseball cap!

Natalie: Thank you for your time!  Please let my audience know how to support your craft, upcoming projects and where to follow you!

Bryan: I appreciate your time Natalie , Thank You for your support, I appreciate everybody.

You can follow me on Instagram @itsbryanmccoy


Agent 2 2019 (Stunts)

Vida 2019 (2 episodes stunts)

Seal Team 2018 (1 episode stunt performer)

American Horror Story 2018 (3 episodes Stunt Rigger)

The Punisher 2017 (Stunt Driver)

Last Exit (Stunt Diver)

From Dusk Till Dawn 2016 (Porfirio)

In Deep Sight 2014 (Mental Patient)

We Will Rock You  2013 (Afghan Man)

Empress Of The Evil Dead 2012


Bonus Fun Fact:

Natalie: Bryan, my brother Richard and I use to perform our own stunts jump off of our basement stairs in our basement with a Loblaws grocery bag and pretend to be Superman/Batman.

Bryan: I got a Batman costume for halloween when I was younger.  So I climbed on the  roof of our house and jumped off.  My mom said she ran out and I was laying on the ground and I looked up and said mom, I can’t fly. I really thought that costume was going to make me fly!

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