Nataliya Nada New York

I had the pleasure of meeting Deigner Nataliya Nada at the Liquid Art House in Boston for the Let’s Get Styled Event.  The Event was a trunk show where several designers showcased their accessories.  Nataliya instantly greeted me with her contagious smile, offered to give me a tour of the venue and then educated me about her merchandise.  Her brand offers a modern twist on the Slavic tradition of fine hand crafted knitwear.  A team of experienced knitters take anywhere from 1-2 days to create a knitted hat and up to 3 days to create a knitted scarf.  The fine cashmere is exquisite, soft and carefully handcrafted created by women who are passionate about their skill.

Nataliya is very hands on and  carefully selects the pelts of fur that she incoroparates with her accessories.  The night was young and the crowd continued to grow, delictable Hors d’Oeuvres and wine were flowing as I continued to mingle with the other vendors I recognized a familiar face it was my freind Cecil Elrod the owner of Luxe Boutiques in the Taj Hotel and Farimont Copley. Cecil sells Nataliya Nada New York Knitwear in both of his boutiques and I encourage the Luxshop4u audience to visit his store and take a look at her luxuirous knitwear to keep you warm during our cold winter months.

For a wonderful shopping experience please visit Luxe Boutiques in the Taj Boston or shop online


Galina Cashmere Blend Hand Knit Infinity Scarf

With Fox Trim



Knitted Mink Scarf


Katrina Cashmere Blend Scarf with Fox Trim and Fur Flowers


Designer Nataliya Nada and Natalie from Luxshop4u

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