Pre New Years Cocktail with Sergio

Sergios Drink

Veuve Clicquot


Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon

sergio drink

Veuve Clicquot, St. Germain, Mathilde De Pera




Move over Sam!  Here comes Sergio!  There is no doubt that when you are in the company of Sergio that you will immediately think of Sam from the hit series Cheers!  Sergio remembers your name, face, your favorite cocktail, and how you like your filet mignon prepared!

N: How long have you been bartending?
S: I’ve been in the industry for 10 years

N: What’s your drink of choice?
S: Dirty Martinis.

N: It’s the holiday season what is your fav holiday drink?
S: Boy its cold out there, therefore I love my hot cider I mix it rum and bourbon it’s always my go to.

N: The ingredient that you love to work with?
S: St Germain (elder flower liquor).

N: What’s your secret to having a full bar?
S: Smile, always be happy, and tend to the bar with a good attitude.

N: Your most popular drink is?
S: Our signature pear martini!

N: Your favorite thing about working in a luxury bar?
S: The diversity!

N: What are you creating for me today?
S: Vueve Clicqout with a touch of St. Germain and a splash of Mathilde de pera.

N: Your best practice?
S: Smiling!

N: The most difficult drink to perfect was?
S: Vesper and an old fashion

N: Key to keeping clients happy?
S: Once again smiling makes everything better.

To enjoy cocktails by Sergio go to the Lenox Hotel 61 Exeter St, Boston, Massachusetts 02116 from Monday-Friday 5 PM until close.

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