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Danny Woods music career spans over 50 years he is one of the founding members of the legendary music group Chairmen of the Board.  Chairmen of the Board has sold over a million of copies with their chart topping hits “Give me just a little more time” the song was sampled by Kylie Minogue.  Chairmen of the Boards song “Patches” was later re-made by Clarence Carter and it received a Grammy Award.  The group shared the stage with many music legends and  was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame in 1999.



*Questions for this Q and A was written by Natalie the interview was conducted by Natalie and her husband one of Danny Woods son’s.

Natalie: Congratulations on your successful music career. What is your key to longevity?

Danny Woods: God, keep God first!

Natalie: Your fans do an amazing job of posting your music dating all the way back from the 1960’s! How many records did you release and how many music groups were you in?

Danny Woods: They asked me to be in the Spinners, but I turned it down because I was making money on my own. I would say that I am on about 50 records.


Natalie: How old were you when you signed your first record deal?

Danny Woods: I was about 19.

Natalie: Maintaining a healthy voice is a full time job. What’s your best practice to exercising and keeping your 6 octave vocal range healthy?

Danny Woods: The more you sing the better you can sing.

Natalie: What was the feeling that you pulled to hit that high register during the song “Danny Boy?”

Danny Woods: I was singing that song for my son Danny that’s why I sing it so good I was singing to my son.



Original Chairmen of the Board members General Johnson, Danny Woods, Hendricks Kennedy and Eddie Custis

Natalie: What was it like being in a premier group for Holland Dozier Holland?

Danny Woods: It was tough, I did not get paid.

Give me just a little more time was released in 1970 from the album “The Chairmen of The Board”

Natalie: How did you celebrate being number 3 on the Billboard Charts and selling over 1 Million copies for “Give me just a little more time?”

Danny Woods: I did not celebrate because I did not have any money.  I was on the Johnny Carson show and Soul Train several times.



1983 Beach Music Awards


Natalie: What emotion did you experience when the R.I.A.A presented Chairmen of The Board with a certified gold record?

Danny Woods: Well, London was an exciting time for me at ABC’s 50th anniversary everyone in the industry was on that show, Rock N Roll Super stars!

A special thank you to Mr. Danny Woods for affording us the opportunity to interview him for this Q and A.

Download music by General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board on iTunes.

Download Danny Woods music on itunes




10 replies
    • Natalie
      Natalie says:

      Thank you Toni! Between my full time job of being a personal shopper/stylist and then going to events it is really difficult to post more. I look forward to sharing more in the near future.

  1. Neil
    Neil says:

    Danny Woods used to perform at the 20 grand in Detriot well before his time with HDH, McKinley Jackson a good friend of mine ( and Danny’s) took Danny to HDH when they where trying to piece together the original COTB team next was General Norman Johnson then Eddie Custis and finally from Canada Harrison Kennedy (Juno Award Winner) Danny’s stories of him ripping his trousers jumping chairs in the those early days are very funny, Danny is a wonderful person and recently got Married

    • Natalie
      Natalie says:

      Thank you for sharing your memories with us Neil! Please continue to visit my blog! I will feature other great artist in the future! Share this link with your family and friends!

  2. Pattie
    Pattie says:

    Is Danny still alive? He was such a good friend to my Dad Len Gasque. He sang at Dads funeral “The mam my Daddy was”. He was like one of the family.

    • Natalie
      Natalie says:

      Hi Pattie, Yes our Legend (My Father In-Law) is here thank you for your love and support please continue to download his music and request his songs on the radio! I will let him know that you said hello! Be sure to also add him on Facebook! xoxo

  3. Cheryl Woods- Weaver
    Cheryl Woods- Weaver says:

    Our dad is a wonderful singer, one of fondest memories of him. When I was a little girl Daddy was performing at club he wanted me to come on the stage to dance with him, being shy I was so scared , I didn’t go up there. I sat in the audience and cried.


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